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Andrew Patterson

Einstein was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1923 for his E = mc2. But his formula was preceded by a previous scientist’s work: E = m8C2. Einstein said in a joking manner, "Never reveal your resources."

So what did Einstein’s formula do? This was followed by Einstein’s relativity that everything was relative to the position or situation of the observer.

Well, Newton observations were the same thing which some physicists put together as Newton’s relativity. Using the two relativities putting them in opposite directions, where they did not meet there was a potential for time travel.

In essence, both the biblical and scientific meaning of time travel are similar in that biblical time is measured in days, weeks, months, is now and forever and backward at the same time. But time has no part in a scientific formula

I explained to my fifth graders that at the speed of light, all time stops. Nicola Tesla was educated in electrical and magnetic physics in Austria. He was never awarded a Nobel Prize but he changed the last century for the whole world. Tesla said that E = mc2 was inadequate; it leaves out magnetism and the electron that spins around the other two particles, the Proton (positive change), and Neutron to act as a force field to keep nucleus pristine and pure so it cannot change. For if atoms changed continuously everything would be chaos and nothing relevant to the other. The electron has no orbit and whizzes around the nucleus at 2 ½ times the speed of light. Is time inside the atom?

Who is right, Tesla or Einstein? My vote goes to Tesla. Every time you start your car, you can thank Tesla. Turn on a light switch, electric stove, kitchen appliance, you can thank Tesla. While Tesla came to America to work with Thomas Edison, who gave us the electric light bulb, and Paris, the city of light, formal training was not about to accept Tesla as anywhere near his genius.

The result was Edison fought Tesla. Naughty boy. First of all use Sir Francis Bacon's inductive method for disproving or proving a scientific fact or use Rene Des Carte’s deduction. U.S., Britain, and former British Empire use Bacon’s induction to build a model to test. Rene Des Carte would set up various attributes through deduction, and reject those that failed. Galileo tested the church’s explanation of an earth-centered universe and nearly got burned at the stake until he recanted.

The creation of the cyclotron at Batavia, Illinois, where a ring of magnets set a charge at such speeds as to split atoms. It was a huge expense and could never produce an atom bomb. The Germans made the first atomic bomb by creating a centrifuge that spins at 1,500 times a second to separate the two isotopes of uranium (U 235 is 1-2 percent and the trigger and U238 is 98-99 percent and made into made Plutonium U239).

The cyclotron is now used to study atomic particles using Quantum Mechanics in much the same way the Urim and Thummin (1 black and 1white dice) used by Judaic priests to divine the will of God.

Stephen Hawking asks if God throws dice. No, Stephen, all of creation has a design. Whoever knows that design will have immense power. But Einstein was wrong. A nuclear bomb will not just take a 1/3 of the world’s population but destroy all life on Earth.

Andrew Patterson was born on a dairy farm two miles south of Sullivan on Feb. 13, 1930. He has attended eight universities for a total of 10 years, lived in 10 countries for 28 years, traveled in 50, speaks and writes Spanish, reads French and German, has written seven encyclopedia articles, and numerous reports and studies for World Bank, Pan American Union, and Economic Development.

Descendant from 15 American Revolutionary ancestors (16th was Cherokee), history is his life's blood, as is telling the truth. He states, "The day I stop learning is the day I am dead,” and “The hardest thing in life has been to unlearn what has been taught to me as the truth.” He has learned there are many men who have stopped WW III from China, Russia, and other countries and it cost them their life. President John F. Kennedy was one of them.


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