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For 46 years abortion has been legal in the United States. We were told that having legal abortion would lead to a time when every child wouldn't be a wanted child. There would be no "back alley abortions" so abortion deaths would be rare. Have these predictions come true? No. Child abuse is still very real and every successful abortion causes the death of a human life. The promoters of abortion said if these aborted babies would have lived, our jails would be filled and our welfare system would be strained by these persons who would be a drag on society. Despite the abortions, our jails are still full and many still work on the welfare system as their way of life.

Why is abortion such a failed way to end the above problems? It is because abortion is against God's will. We as Christians know God's plan to refrain from sex until we are in a loving marriage where the resulting children will be cherished as gifts from God. These children are to be taught by word and example to know and follow God's plan for their children's own lives.

As members of Lutherans for Life, we have been accused of "talking the talk, but not walking the walk."

These are the ways we plan to "Walk the Walk."

1. Pray to God for this help and guidance.

2. Teach God's plan in our home and from our pulpits.

3. Live by example according to God's Word.

4. Continue to support our Choices Pregnancy Center by volunteering our help and giving money and gifts.

5. Reaching out in love to support persons in need.

Edwin and Pat Wetzel, Members of Lutherans for Live, Mattoon

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