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As the endless, and arguably pointless, debate on gun control rages on, it behooves us to question the profound importance placed on gun ownership in modern-day society. Few issues have divided Americans as deeply and vehemently as that of gun control. Factions on either side of the divide are obliged to acknowledge our nation owes its very existence to personal weaponry. Simply put, America sprang from blood-soaked soil, a violent product of an enduring might-makes-right mentality. This inconvenient truth flies in the face of historical revisionists and politically-correct proponents bent on furthering the fictional-reality agenda which besets the populace.

Throughout American history, all attempts to quell our deep-seated violence have failed miserably and, ironically, often incited further violence. One could argue violence is as American as apple pie and as persistent as time itself; it’s an indelible feature of the human condition which follows us like a shadow everywhere we go.

Thus, the prevailing belief that banning firearms will significantly reduce violence is rooted in lunacy and doomed to failure. A propensity for violence exists within us all and can therefore never be eradicated so long as free will reigns. As such, any group or organized movement directed toward gun control, regardless of political affiliation, should be denounced and abandoned by any and all who exalt personal autonomy.

Conversely, those who believe a gun in the hand renders them masters of their own destiny have fallen victim to their own misguided propaganda. If freedom does, in fact, come from the barrel of a gun, America would be the freest nation on earth, but nothing could be further from the truth. While fearful gun owners are busy building arsenals and stockpiling ammunition, our personal liberties are steadily disappearing with the stroke of a pen, never to return. In a cruel twist of fate, our cherished right to bear arms will likely be our undoing. We’ve been lulled to sleep by the false sense of security gun ownership brings; all the while, the wolves of the political world are having their way with our hard-won freedoms, not concerned in the least with our soon-to-be useless weapons.

History has shown military victories to be temporary solutions at best. Military might alone isn’t enough to achieve lasting and meaningful results in any given population; this is evident in America’s entanglements in the Middle East where the greatest military superpower finds itself in a stalemate with small groups of poorly-equipped, highly determined ideologues who are happy to die defending their beliefs. Alas, ideas are more powerful than bombs.

The mind is the ultimate weapon and the last remaining stronghold of the American populace. After all, whosoever controls the minds of the people, controls the people. The ability to profoundly change the world resides within each and every one of us, but the system is corrupt and disrupting the status quo is a daunting task. The day we holster our guns and unleash our minds is the day we take the power back. Let’s do this!

Lance Shoots, Lerna

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