After reading Edwin and Pat Wetzel's letter to the editor on abortion, it brought to mind the times I remember seeing the expression of joy on the face of new mothers. There is no way to describe the appearance of a child of God shown on an ultrasound -- the baby can move all of its extremities -- a living, breathing creature. Do the parents or parent think about what this child will become as they get older. I'm sure they do. This is the time when many of them realize what Our Lord has given them to care for through their lives.

As adults, do we remember how we felt during this time? Going through nine months of worry, joy, excitement, added weight, new-sized clothes, a realization that our abdomens are getting larger, more frequent doctors' visits and more visits from family and friends inquiring about your condition. This does not include any baby clothes, toys and the never-ending equipment that is needed for Our Lord's creature, who cannot speak for themselves. Didn't realize how many acquaintances you had, did you?

During this period, you are also thinking about pros and cons concerning what doctor, what hospital, whether to use natural childbirth, prenatal care, or unfortunately if the thought of abortion enters the conversation.

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It's unfortunate that supposedly -- educated individuals cannot seem to carry on an honest debate about abortion. Something as important as this needs people who are knowledgeable about their subject, rather than throwing words about, such as making the baby as comfortable as possible -- one of God's creatures who cannot communicate to anyone about whether they live or die.

Knowing that children are God's gift to us, how to we rationalize the word "abortion" in comparison to baby. Children are to be cherished and are to be taught by word and example to know and follow God's plan for their children's own lives.

Joyce Zschau, RN, BA, retired parish nurse, Mattoon

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