I am writing in response to Victor Flood's letter, 'Don't be fooled by warming conspiracy' (JG-TC, March 19).

Climate change is real, and is accelerating more and more rapidly.

Climate scientists are virtually unanimous on this issue. They are not politicians nor are they getting rich because of their observations.

Virtually every week this paper carries at least one news story involving climate change. I urge everyone to notice every instance and take it seriously.

On Feb. 5, for example, I read in the JG-TC that the Navy is considering a 14-foot flood wall around the Washington Navy Yard to protect the area from rising sea levels, an effect of climate change. Should we believe that the Navy's experts are being hoaxed about sea-level rise? I think not.

Extreme weather events are becoming commonplace in the news. The wildfires that are now almost perpetual in our Western states, the frequent super-destructive tropical storms accompanied by record floods, the melting of glaciers, the diminishing of the polar ice cap and beginnings of permafrost melt are all phenomena related to global warming, according to climate scientists.

Around the world, climate changes are turning once-fertile land into desert, depleting safe sources of drinking water, flooding densely populated coastal areas, contaminating agricultural land with sea water, and contributing to the decline or extinction of species.

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Human populations are severely stressed by such changes, resulting in a worsening humanitarian crisis as those affected move in search of more livable spaces.

These are facts and probabilities we, as a nation, must take seriously, and plan ways of meeting the resulting challenges.

The longer we wait to address climate change, the harder it becomes to take effective action. Be informed. Get your information from a variety of reputable sources, including newspapers, magazines such as National Geographic, and documentaries about nature and science on PBS and other TV channels.

Distinguish between fact, opinion based on fact, merely subjective opinion, and outright hoaxes. Consider the evidence given and the qualifications of the experts presenting it.

The effects of climate change are in the news constantly. We must take it seriously and act accordingly. The sooner the better. We owe it to coming generations.

Peggy Brayfield, Charleston

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