The Russia collusion investigation is just a ploy by the communists who have infiltrated our government.

Now Congress is spending more time and money perpetuating this diversionary tactic.

This controversy is merely being put in place to help the left, who are communists, take complete control of our sovereign country. How do I know this? Congress is making no effort to keep our country safe from illegal invasion, and making no effort to address important issues that are facing our country today.

Congress is ignoring immigration reform, infrastructure, border control, drug trafficking, human trafficking, illegal drugs flowing into the country killing our people, infanticide, pharma robbery, homelessness and the student loan debacle. These communists perpetuate these atrocities because they serve their purpose: the downfall of the USA and the ushering in of pure communism masked as socialism.

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Congress is working for the communists, “You will know them by their deeds”. It is doing nothing for the people of the USA. They are laughing all the way to the bank while being paid and pensioned for destroying our country.

The Mueller report and its poppycock contents is just a bunch of fluff forced on the American people. It has a purpose, though. It serves to distract the people and divert attention from important issues while, at the same time, the communists who control the “deep state “and the media take us down the path to bondage and destruction.

As long as the media and Congress focus on the silly Mueller investigation, the less the American people can keep “an eye out” for the machinations of the traitors, who are destroying our heritage and our freedom.

-- Ann Benson, Charleston

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