Enough is enough! We have a Congress that is not living up to their oath of office to protect our constitution, secure and protect our country, and solve problems for the American people.

We, as America, have a major problem on our southern border that requires immediate action from Congress to stop the immigration invasion. Immigrants are entering our country "illegally" under our present laws and must be deported. Until they follow our legal process, not allowed to game our broken system, they must be detained and sent back to their countries. They should not be allowed to jump over immigrants already in our legal process.

Congress, you have a duty to the American citizen, which you work for, to review and create new immigration laws to stop this madness. It is time businesses use E-verify to find illegal employees and turn them over to immigration authorities or face major fines and closure. Congress must limit the number of legal immigrants our country will accept yearly. We should vet all applicants to the best of our security ability and look for people that will support our country and our economy. Illegal immigrants do not have a right to our country's entitlements over our American citizens, period. Immigrants coming to our country must be willing to assimilate our lifestyle, be responsible, be accountable for their actions, and follow our laws and regulations.

It is a "privilege" to be allowed into our country and be able to seek the lost American dream.

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Our government must move to stop all illegal entries at our borders. Just because someone steps on our ground does not make them have a right to stay here. It is time our government uses all resources available to stop these attempts to circumvent the laws. We should use our military to assist the border agents until they gain control of the situation and Congress creates new laws. Our government should not be releasing these illegals into our country without some database to track them and bring them before a judge for a hearing. We have closed military locations that should be opened to house these people until they can present their case for entry. Strict enforcement must be used at the border to show these people America means business and will not tolerate breaking our laws. Congress must act or forfeit their salary, pension and health benefits. The president should use all means, executive orders, to stop immigration until Congress and neighboring countries do their duty. He should also stop all federal funds to sanctuary cities or states for breaking federal laws, and if necessary have DOJ prosecute the elected officials.

The American people do not want our country over-run by people not wanting to accept our way of life or society. We have people hurting and needing assistance here in America and if Congress is going to borrow monies for the budget and spend our taxes, let it be on OUR people. Do your job or get out of Washington, D.C.

Clarence Kersey, Mattoon

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