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Why does the Democratic Party continue to obstruct our President from securing our southern border? The truth is, they do not want to approve any policies this individual or administration come up with for a solution. Their thought is so toxic and full of hate, they would rule against their own mothers.

We need security and immigration reform now, not tomorrow -- not after re-opening the shutdown. These Democrats have used a stall tactic on any suggestion for security or immigration reform since day one! This party has instituted "sanctuary" cities and states placing the safety of Americans last over protecting illegal immigrants. These illegals are crossing our border with unknown diseases, among enemies of the State, cartels carrying drugs, and dealers of human-trafficking.

Democrats do not want walls because they want to protect a new voter with promises of "free stuff." Democrats need illegals to supply their large donor base with cheap labor, plain and simple. They talk of walls not working and being immoral. Let's look at history, East Germany's wall worked pretty well; Israeli's wall works pretty well; and China's wall is still standing. If walls do not work why do prisons need them? If walls do not work why does New York Police use them for parades and New Year's? Well, if that is the case, let them give up and tear down their private home and business walls. Give up your private guards and open your houses.

As an American that served in the military, I want my borders secured. We have soldiers that are maimed or died protecting our Country for American citizens; their Constitution and Bill of Rights --- Not for illegals! My government should use any and all methods to do that, be it barriers, walls, drones, electric fences, border guards, whatever technology develops. No one should enter our Country without going through our process by our laws. Therefore Congress, DO YOUR JOB, give our President the funds to secure the border and under your Oath of Office, design a new immigration policy!

Clarence Kersey, Mattoon

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