After over two years of intensive investigation by biased Democratic attorneys on the Mueller team, and the president being called every salacious and indignant name imaginable, the president has been absolved of any collusion or interference in this probe.

President Trump has been called treasonous, delusional and incompetent by the Democrats, and has been compared to Stalin and Hitler. Through it all, he as persevered and business in this nation is thriving. Unlike former Democrat administrations, he has lifted many in the lower class from poverty, giving them jobs and the dignity of honest work.

Now, all that is left for the left wing atheists of the Democratic party is to investigate the president's income tax record -- as far back as possible. As a final nail in this Democratic tax probe of the president, it is hoped by me that he will be cleared of all wrong doing and receive a substantial cash rebate from the IRS. Given the fact that any businessman or woman, having their taxes figured by a number of responsible individuals, can come up with various figures. So, it is unlikely that alone will become the basis for the Democrats charge of wrong doing.

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Yes, indeed, it would be nice if the two parties could work together for the benefit of all Americans. But, the radical Democrats have no interest in doing so. They are more interested in reparations for African Americans and Native Americans, allowing illegal immigrants to vote, doing away with the Electoral College, bringing the voting age down to 16, murdering unwanted babies, and rushing headfirst into Socialism.

The Democrats are crying for open borders, free housing, free education, free medical care, and their endless list of Utopian dreams goes on, with one important and destructive caveat, how to pay for all this. A.O.C., the young darling of the Left, has all this solved, just raise our taxes.

Jack Pierce, Mattoon

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