LETTER: Dems all about monopolizing power at all costs

LETTER: Dems all about monopolizing power at all costs

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In his book "The Social Contract," Robert Ardrey observes, "Within us...is the upward-pressing force that seeks competition, strives for superiority, and in the normal vertebrate society of equal opportunity allows every individual born his chance to demonstrate alphaness." In other words, to develop the capacity for leadership.

If this observation by a member of the social-scientific community is correct, then it could be asserted that the insistence for social justice reforms by those on the left, as their professed means for achieving equality, are in reality intended as enforced conformity to the mediocrity of equal outcomes in order to suppress "the upward-pressing force that seeks competition, etc.," which threatens their dominant position and monopoly on power.

Far from the freedom to compete on a level playing field, the left, in typical do-as-I-say-not-as-I-do democrat-socialist fashion, impose rules and regulations that perpetuate, by progressively increasing leverage, their supremacy over the masses, conditioned by social-justice rhetoric and redistributive-wealth handouts, to become complaint, docile, more easily controlled — and dominated.

It's no wonder that those on the left so visceral hate and are so vehemently opposed to President Trump. He isn't a threat to our republic or the Constitution crafted to keep it. Instead, he is the existential threat to their social-science denying house of cards that they have been patiently constructing for over a century, in opposition to the Constitution, the American people, and common sense.

An electorate that had surrendered to the inevitable futility of winning against a stacked deck (remember the "polite presidential candidates," McCain and Romney?) had provided the left an uncontested opportunity to thrive under two terms of the Obama administration. That same electorate under President Trump's "unpresidential" leadership is fully engaged to defend liberty — equal opportunity for every member of society to develop their own unique potential, and the right to thereby realize the dignity of earned success — and justice for all under constitutionally-elected-and-rule-of-law-leadership.

Steve Carpenter, Lerna


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