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I’ve been seeing commercials where Democrats just know a tax cut will raise the national debt. We should ask them for lottery numbers while they’re at it. It’s refreshing, I must admit, not to hear them say “tax cuts for the rich.” I guess they are tired of that one. Ronald Reagan lowered taxes and revenue to the government doubled. That’s just a fact that Democrats like to ignore. They really don’t like hearing that John Kennedy also lowered taxes and raised revenue. Lowering taxes for business creates more jobs and that equals more taxpayers and a larger tax base. I don’t really see why Democrats don’t understand that.

We do have a national debt of $20 trillion. Why? When Obama took office it was only half that and he raised taxes. How can that happen? He also increased the number of people on welfare and food stamps. Guess what, Democrats? Those people don’t pay taxes. They do, however, vote overwhelmingly Democrat. That’s really the idea, isn’t it?

The Democrat Party has abandoned its working class base. They are now the party of welfare, transgender bathrooms, the global warming hoax and illegal aliens. Middle class tax cuts are something Democrats have claimed to support for the last 30 years but somehow could never deliver. We now have a President who wants it passed and it appears that not one Democrat will vote for it. By the way, the GDP under Obama never got over 2%. It is now around 4% under Trump. Under Reagan, it was 8% for a while. That’s money in the pockets of the middle class. All I can figure is that the Democrats don’t want the middle class to prosper again. Does that sound crazy? The proof is in the pudding, so they say.

Sid W. Guill, Mattoon

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