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LETTER: Dems should rebuild infrastructure

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People are asking the Democratic Party what their motto should be for the 2018 and 2020 upcoming election. I think what their plan should be is the idea of ‘Rebuilding America’s Infrastructure’ for Future Generations.

My definition for rebuilding our infrastructure includes everything this nation needs to drive our economy. It would bring back companies that want to be a part of the new generation; it would create thousands of jobs, raise wages, secure our borders and secure our Democracy.

We usually hear politicians say we need to rebuild our roads and bridges. That’s not however enough. We need a complete overhaul of all our transportation systems; that include roads, bridges, trains, buses, airplanes and even our trucking systems.

We need to have a state of the art communication system. There is no secure way to communicate these days, what can be done about that? Our computers, laptops, telephone, cell phones and any device using microchips and/or the Internet need to be upgraded for security purposes.

One major hit to our electric grid could destroy us because we’d have no lights, no heat, no air condition, no freezers, no refrigerators, no cell phones and even worse, no Internet. Imagine being Puerto Rico right now. Nothing could get accomplished financially because we are so driven by our electric needs, even our cash registers use electricity.

Our food and water systems are so messed up it’s hard to tell what is safe and what is not anymore. Just imagine some terrorist poisoning our water or our food or medicines, remember the Tylenol incident years ago?

Our security/communication systems are so outdated that we hear of a breach in some company almost monthly.

Imagine if we were to invest in those ‘Rebuild America’s Infrastructure’ projects, such as Roosevelt’s New Deal during WWII. Every one of these new projects would require hiring more employees and buying new equipment to do those jobs. What happens when those new employees are paid? They spend their pay checks in stores, restaurants, etc…. Those places will in turn hire new people. Everybody wins with these projects.

Yes it will increase the deficit, but research proves that investing in the short run always improves the value of something. Future generations will receive the greatest benefits, we gain too however. We’d have a booming economy, and with our new state of the art infrastructure we’d have a more secure nation.

Connie Manes, Mattoon


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