LETTER: Educators deserve our thanks

LETTER: Educators deserve our thanks

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Educators deserving of our thanks

Nov. 18-22 is National Education Week. The members of The American Legion Auxiliary Liberty Unit 289 of Strasburg want to say thank you and encourage members of the community to also say thank you to the teachers, teacher aides, janitors, secretaries, bus drivers, cooks, and administrators of our children.

Teachers teach our children, bus drivers transport our children, cooks feed our children, secretaries take care of the children’s paperwork, and principals guide all of the staff.

We say thank you to the teachers who pick up the extra stickers and glue and crayons when they do their weekly shopping. Thank you to the teachers who make sure their rooms and hallways are decorated to keep our children excited about school and learning. Thank you to the teachers who work all day in the classroom and then attend or coach the sporting event in the evening.

Thank you to the bus driver who drives a bus full of children through rain, sleet, snow or thick fog.

Thank you to the janitors who make sure the classrooms are clean and welcoming to the children.

Thank you to the cooks who make sure each child is fed and called by name as they get their lunches.

Thank you to the secretaries and administrators who spend their days overseeing every aspect of our children’s education.

We say thank you for all the little things that each and every one of you do that often goes unnoticed. We appreciate everything you do and hope you each feel that you are making a difference in the lives of the children in Stewardson-Strasburg.

Thank you to Stewardson-Strasburg Elementary School, Stewardson-Strasburg High School, and Trinity Lutheran.

Member of the Liberty Unit 289 of Strasburg,

American Legion Auxiliary

History of Native American genocide ignored

With Thanksgiving upon us, stories will be told about how the Pilgrims came to America and the Native Americans helped them survive.

Native Americans are known for being a giving people, so the European invasion of America started peacefully, but eventually the so-called Christians who came to America decided that they could just take what they wanted. Never mind God’s commandment against killing. The Native Americans stood in the way of “progress,” better known as profit.

Despite the fact that America is a huge country with plenty of room for many people, instead of trying to get along, the invading so-called Christians kept pushing the Native Americans west or just outright killed them. The invaders destroyed the lands that supported the Native American way of life and herded them onto reservations, usually located on what was considered worthless land. Since oil was found on the “worthless” reservations, the profit seekers have sought to gain access to them.

I don’t doubt that there are truly good Christians in America, but those who claim that we are a Christian nation are sadly mistaken. We are still mistreating Native Americans.

Even now we destroy sacred grounds and threaten their environment when we build our pipelines that leak, still in the pursuit of profit. We’ve taken away their voices by providing post office boxes instead of home addresses on reservations, claiming they can’t vote without a valid address. This Thanksgiving we should reflect on how our nation committed genocide and resolve to make amends.

Ellen Wolcott, Charleston

Democrats should be ashamed of tactics

Adam Schiff’s hearings are like the 2 1/2 year investigation led by Robert Mueller. They are both investigations in search of a crime.

As such they fail the Columbo test, the test of the fictional TV detective, who did not investigate until there was a known crime, then following the evidence to the criminal.

Mueller and Schiff’s committee do their own fiction of assuming there is a crime and investigate to assemble a story pointing to guilt. The accused party is then denied the opportunity to defend himself.

Mueller came forward (after 2 1/2 years), reporting there was no crime. Schiff wants a different story, a story of a guilty president guilty of something.

Remember, these are investigations in search of crime. All of it will be “fruit from a poisoned tree,” violating the principle of innocent until proven guilty. Schiff’s committee is a pig. You can bathe it, dress it neatly, and put shoes on it, but it is still a pig. A committee of the U.S. House deserves more dignity,the dignity Democrat Peter Rodino gave it in investigating President Nixon.

Leonidas H. Miller, Mattoon

Crisis in Venezuela lost amid inquiry

It appears that all networks and newspapers are so invested in the impeachment stupidity that they have completely forgotten the issue of Venezuela. The poor impoverished people of that nation have been entirely set aside by the leaders of both parties, as well as you in the news media.

Jack Pierce, Mattoon

Fine proof of Trump’s being unfit for office

I hope my fellow readers saw the story on page A4 of the Friday, Nov. 8, issue of the Journal Gazette/Times-Courier.

A judge ordered President Trump to pay a $2-million fine for misusing funds raised for veterans. In the settlement, President Trump admitted that he turned over the charitable funds raised by his Donald J. Trump Foundation to his campaign, where the funds were used to cover 2016 campaign costs and other business debts.

Reread that sentence. He raised money for veterans and spent the money on himself. And he admitted it to the court. His current denials on Twitter don’t carry the weight of what he admitted to the court and are typical of his stream of misstatements and attacks aimed at preventing anyone from holding him accountable for his actions.

We don’t have to agree on every issue to agree that personal use of charitable funds raised for veterans is unacceptable. I hope readers who still support him will consider this evidence of his unfitness for the office he holds.

Amy Lynch, Charleston


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