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As the upcoming Primary election on March 20th quickly approaches, I would like to encourage the citizens of Coles County to vote for Steve Spear for Sheriff. We as citizens of Coles County deserve a Sheriff who will be fiscally responsible with our tax payer dollars. Something the current sheriff has failed to achieve. We deserve a Sheriff who will be present at his post, serving as a true and honest leader to the deputies who strive to keep us safe. Again, something the current office holder has failed to do considering the fact that Steve Spear is endorsed by both the Sheriff’s and Charleston Police Department’s FOP Unions. We deserve a Sheriff who can account for his time in office, attend meetings which effect public safety and be available to the public. Attending a few public events for political gain is not enough. We need a Sheriff who wants the job, not just the title and salary. We need more than a fake smile, forced hand shake and empty promises. We need Steve Spear as our Sheriff.

Steve Spear has served in almost every position an officer can hold within the department including Corrections sergeant, Patrol Sergeant, and SWAT Team Commander. Steve Spear has honorably served this country as a Marine and this community as a leader to those who protect and serve. It’s time that the shield of sheriff is worn by a protector of this community not an absentee politician. Elect Steve Spear for Coles county Sheriff.

Melinda Beadles, Mattoon


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