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My name is Cathy Welborn and I have lived in Ashmore my whole life. I’m very active in my community, because I care about my family and the other folks who live here. I am currently on the Board of Trustees.

A few years ago we hired Jackie Freezeland as village clerk, and we knew we found a gem. Jackie was not intimidated to learn all the duties that came with the office. She dove in head first, did her homework, and she asked questions when she needed to. She brought fresh perspective to the office, and she implemented knew ideas but only after she did her due diligence. In just a few years, Jackie has brought several positive changes to the village.

Even though Jackie doesn’t live in Ashmore, she treats residents like her own neighbors. Part of her job is to mail and collect water bills, and she faces the tough situations when residents can’t pay or have questions. She solves each problem fairly and is careful to treat people equally. Even if she has to deliver bad news, people know that she’s doing everything she can to help them.

Jackie Freezeland works well with people to reach common goals. Whether she’s organizing the city-wide rummage sale, picking up trash at Ashmore Ag Days, or notifying residents of a main break or road closed or boil order, you can count on Jackie to give 100%. Her energy and dedication inspires the people around her to give the same.

I have never worked with Jackie’s opponent, and so I can’t vouch for their skills, but I HAVE witnessed Jackie Freezeland’s work ethic firsthand. She has my vote, and I encourage everyone else to vote for her too.

Cathy Welborn, Ashmore


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