Hello, I'm George (Geo) Glasscock and I'm running for the Windsor Board of Education.

As most in the Windsor/Gays area know, I've served on the Windsor school board in the past and found it to be one of the most rewarding, although sometimes frustrating, experiences of my life. Having been allowed the opportunity as a board member to help with the educational process of our children was one of the most worthwhile jobs I could ever have. And although the frustrating parts caused a few sleepless nights, I wouldn't trade the experience for anything.

I've been asked why I want to serve again and my short answer is because I still have the passion to make Windsor the best school possible and the desire to put in the time required to make it happen. Serving on a board of education is mainly made up of setting policy and hiring of administration, but in a small school it is more than just that. It's maintaining a safe and adequate learning environment. Making sure the teachers and staff have the tool's necessary to make the learning process the highest quality possible. It's listening to parents and staff members concerns along with their good ideas to help make the best decision possible. And most important, it's being responsible with the taxpayers money. Financial responsibility is paramount in a board of education.

I think public education across the state is suffering. We rely to much on standardized testing and less on basic teaching and have for a long time. We're constantly bombarded with unfunded mandates that most of the time are senseless. Schools all across the state are asked to do more with less while still having to jump through hoops that the pinheads in Springfield deem necessary.

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To correct this, public schools need to demand more local control of what and how our students are taught. No one knows our children's needs better than we do. I would love to see more local control of our schools and less unfunded and sometimes impractical mandates from the state capital.

One thing I've learned from serving before is that we fight the same battles over and over again. Board members change, administrators change, but most problems stay the same. In this regard experience counts and my time on the board has given me the experience to serve again. We all want an excellent school that puts the well being of all the students first, that is for certain. I can help make our school excellent again. I would appreciate your support on April 2. Thank You.

Also, it was brought to my attention that the ballots for the Windsor school board election were printed incorrectly. The ballot states that only one person from the Gays area can be elected, either Nick Hendrickson or myself, this is incorrect. Both of us can be elected. The county clerk has acknowledged the error and will notify the election judges at each polling place about the error.

George Glasscock, Gays

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