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I read your September column "Brother can you spare an ambulance" (Sept. 20, by Penny Weaver) with great interest. It was interesting and informative, pointing out pros and cons. The paragraph that truly caught my eye, quote "But when people issue dire warnings about having to wait weeks to see a doctor if we had universal health care, I laugh to myself. Anyone out there try to see a specialist lately? It's usually weeks, if not months, before you can get in to see them. How would it be any different if there were wait times if the U.S. got smart and figured out a way to offer health care to all?" End quote. Implying if the U.S. had health care for everyone there would not be weeks of waiting to see a doctor.

May I point out the real reason, I believe, for the shortage of doctors. Young women and men that wanted to be doctors, the specialists you spoke of, dentists, nurses, or anyone wanting to go into the medical profession - schools - were priced out of going to college for the 4 - 6 - 12 years that that schooling requires.

Universal U.S. government health care for all will not solve this problem. There will still not be enough doctors for you just to see your doctor two days or a month after you call for an appointment. It will be this way for many years to come because they still can not afford to go to college.

You suggest the government needs to jump in and run a universal (for everyone) health program.

"Chicago Tribune June 5, 2018. Medicare will run out of money 2026, three years earlier than expected and S.S.'s financial problems can't be ignored either, government said in a sobering check-up on programs vital to the middle class.

The report from program trustees says Medicare will become insolvent in 2026 - three years earlier than previously forecast. By Richard Alonso-Zaldivar and Andrew Taylor, Associated Press." This quote taken from Google. Social Security's a federal program, is also, in danger of running out of money. The federal highway program, paid for by federal gas tax, a June 18, 2013 report - 14 percent were classified as functionally obsolete.

These, and more, government programs need better caretakers. We need to hold our local, state and federal elected employees to higher standards of work ethics and monetary accountability. We need to pay attending to what's going on in city, county, state and federal government. If our government of the people, for the people, by the people fails the consequences will destroy our country as a free nation.

Joyce Kolbus, Mattoon

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