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“Politics is supposed to be the second oldest profession. I have come to realize that it bears a very close resemblance to the first.” Ronald Reagan. It will be interesting to see how politicians muck up our pressing need for tax reform.

Hard-working Americans are the only sources of economic growth in the USA. We are Capitalists. Our citizens have the right to invest money, work, buy and sell -- with few restrictions from the state. Our limited government exists to provide minimal critical needs, among them national defense and shared infrastructure. The private sector can take care of all other needs.

As government grows, vital institutions of our civil society are intentionally shuffled to a lesser role. With top-down government edicts, intact families, houses of worship, community and volunteer organizations are diminished by an out of control Washington.

The more money confiscated by taxes, the more money the Washington DC swamp has with which to buy the votes of the uninformed, and less money is available in the private sector for the creation of jobs and payrolls and goods and services and charitable endeavors that our society enjoys… and needs!

Complying with IRS’s basic series of returns requires a huge amount of money, a significant opportunity cost to all taxpayers who spend an average of just under $300 annually for tax preparation! The annual economic burden of the Tax Code is approaching $300-billion!! (National Taxpayers Union Foundation, April 2017)

When liberals talk about minimum wage, it seems the sky is the limit. Skilled or unskilled, energetic or couch potato, citizen or illegal alien, honorable or a schemer, doctorate degrees or completely unschooled, somehow anyone who draws a paycheck has a God-given right to a “livable wage”.

What about the God-given right for taxpayers to have a “livable tax rate” and a one-page 1040 that doesn’t necessitate hiring a tax expert to decipher 70,000-pages of IRS Tax Code?

Please contact John Shimkus and Dick Durbin and Tammy Duckworth. Tell them you are tired of the confiscation of our hard-earned private sector money, then transferring it to the Deep State in Washington, DC. Demand that they help us Drain the Swamp, and Make America Great Again!

Tom Andres, Charleston


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