For the last 70 years of living, I cannot recall any Democratic Party to be so hateful toward an elected president.

This run-up to the 2020 primary shows so much radical, far-left ideology from fringe groups which have hijacked the Democratic Party. The silent majority of moderate Democrats are afraid to challenge the extreme measures of all candidates.

People must look at what these people are proposing and judge whether their plans are rational, affordable, and obtainable by our present government format.

Many of the ideas being proposed today will wreck the economy and hurt many more people than are being hurt today. Many of these plans have price tags that our current GDP can never pay for. These plans are so radical that our economy, our way of living, and any benefits allowed today, will be wiped out forever. People that enjoy health benefits, jobs and affordable retirement plans today would lose all under the socialistic ideology proposed by Democrats.

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Our protection under the present judicial system would not be available if these far-left groups gain power. They are of the mindset that our Constitution is out of date, our system is prejudiced in enforcing our laws, and our election system is biased against one person-one vote. These candidates continue to promise the "moon," but without the means to pay for their plans. They are preaching lies that they know are untrue, just to gain control.

We cannot let this happen. No man, woman, or child will be safe in the future. This party and candidates continue to speak out against family values, the loss of gender identity, and the shunning of Christian values and morals. The very society that our country was founded on and has advanced us to the present is being discarded, like dishwater.

The people of America cannot, must not, give in and let this happen.

Clarence Kersey, Mattoon

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