Americans have rights that are protected by the United States Constitution, rights that citizens of other countries do not have on their own. Hence, they do not enjoy "equal rights." Immigrants who seek to enter the United States illegally are merely seeking "asylum" against the policies of their own government's human rights violations.

America's immigration policy restricting unlimited access to the opportunities made possible by our superior capitalistic economy, as well as unlimited access to the superior welfare benefits made possible by compassionate progressives, is therefore a violation of basic human rights, of which America is guilty.

Progressives never tire of reminding us that the United States is "a nation of immigrants" and that it was white Europeans who invaded this land that belonged to Native Americans before it was labeled "America" by aliens who stole it and claimed it as their own. American immigration policy is therefore not only unjust; it is hypocritical in the extreme. It must be changed to reflect the highest ideals of a modern democracy that allows people of all nations to vote with their feed when their own dictators deny them the opportunity to prosper that American capitalism's equal opportunity offers.

If, on the other hand, these are fleeing their own government's socialist policy of equally redistributing limited resources and misery to come to America to place a further burden on our own welfare system, their increasing numbers will not only not add to the Gross National Product but will instead add to our Gross National Debt.

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Instead of the leaders of other countries acting to fundamentally transform their own societies and make them more free, the Left in this country cooperates ("colludes") with them to take advantage of the crises invariably caused by socialism's systemic flaws by allowing illegal aliens to freely invade our free society based on capitalistic and constitutional principles to infect and undermine our social, political and economic stability.

Instead of power to the people, ruling-class power under socialism has always increased together with corresponding inequality increasing between the privileges they enjoy and the poverty of body and soul of the people under their fretful care. And so, if you believe in their brand of "social justice" you support the "fundamental transformation of the United States of America."

Steve Carpenter, Lerna

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