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New members of the Illinois Legislature: While this letter is intended mainly for new members, those of you who have chosen to suck off the State of Illinois for more than two terms should take heed, if you have the mentality to do so!

Your responsibility is to vote the will of your constituents as long as it is in the best interest of the Sate of Illinois. It is not to suck up to your fellow legislator, buddy, or lobbyist with a bankroll you might get access to.

Before voting on any proposed legislation, you need to fully understand it! Is it in the best interest of the State! If not, vote no! Examples are -- legislation that : adds to the debt, will not pass a legal challenge, has ulterior motives, etc. Your job is to do something constructive, believe it or not!

Think! Think! Will the legislation before you do what’s intended or is it a smoke screen for some ulterior motive. Example -- The bill to outlaw magazines over ten rounds. The theory as proposed (anyway that’s what they want us to think) is that it will lessen the number of mass shootings. What a joke! There are so many high capacity mags out there that a law like this is just a smokescreen to make the taxpayer think his or her legislator has actually done something which is, in itself, a joke! It is really an attempt to ignore and undermine the constitution, the second amendment, and all they have symbolized for over 240 years!

Use your brain for what it was intended other than something just to keep your ears apart! Is there a better way? Of course there is! Don’t punish thousands of law-abiding citizens because of the acts of a few! Instead, punish those that use high capacity magazines in the commission of a crime! Simple -- anyone involved in a crime where a weapon capable of utilizing a high capacity (more than 10 rounds) magazine was used goes to prison, period. Minimum 10-year sentence, period. The solution is so simple that only an elected legislator would be unable to grasp it! Quit punishing the innocent because you don’t have the guts to stand up for what is right, just enforce the laws already on the books! Quit sucking up to your buddies, fellow legislators, lobbyists, and any one else who can bribe you, and do your job!

Frederick Sherer, Humboldt

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