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Less than 80 days until mid-term elections and the politics and advertisements are becoming more deceitful. Candidates are good for promises given but not carried through, storytelling that is close to out-right lies, but covers the so-called "grey areas." One truth every voter should shy away from is the promise of "Something for Nothing". They never tell you once something runs out, there will be nothing!

The State of Illinois is a sinking ship with the bow already under water due to our politics. People need to vote every official in Springfield out of office and start over. You cannot continue to vote a straight party ticket due to the corruption this State finds itself in. Candidates must be viewed on their issues and policies, their willingness to accept responsibility and accountability for their actions. This State has been destroyed by the corrupt Democratic leadership out of Chicago, the failure of downstate Democrats to go against the Speaker of the House in the interest of the State, and the direct manipulation by the Speaker on what bills come up for vote. The present Governor is hampered by the limited votes in the House on any bills he might seek passed for our State. Beware of the tale of "fair tax" for all, because taxing only the wealthy will not cover our state's education system. Any tax revenue will require the middle-class working Joe to cover the costs.

The federal government is not working for America; the elected officials are NOT doing their jobs, plain and simple! People must stand up and look at what our economy can become. We have one of the highest GDPs, 4.1, in many years, we have unemployment at 3.8 percent. We are rebuilding our military to protect our homeland. We must elect candidates that will do their job and reform immigration laws that protect Americans first. We must have candidates that will ensure equal tariffs and support American businesses over foreign entities. We must live within our means, that is, people must assume responsibility for their lives, not expect the government to cover everything. Candidates that support free education, free medical and free entry to America never explain where the monies to cover these costs will come from! We need candidates that will go to Washington and create laws on immigration that will stop illegal entry. We need people that will support our laws and back our law enforcement services. We need representatives that see America as a world leader and a military to protect our future.

Before Election Day, study the person, their policies, and the issues our Country need taken care of with the right candidate. We need term limits to get rid of stale, old ideas and people.

Clarence Kersey, Mattoon

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