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The Pres said in his speech (last month) that our people in the past didn’t get to vote for things that matter to them.

Well I didn’t know we voted for our health care bill or our tax bill. I must have been asleep. The polls show for the tax bill 33 yes and 55 no’s. Why can’t we vote on this?

I have seen that they are going after Medicare, Medicaid and our Social Security. This is so the sick will be sicker and the average person will be living on less.

Oh, yes they are going to do more for the workers in our country. Don’t hold your breath!

Think about this, the Pres has seen or talked to Putin many times we know of lately. The Russian leader would like to see our country go down, which his friend Trump is taking us.

Also the Pres said will stand up for ourselves and we will stand up for our country like we never have before. I guess he doesn’t know history of W.W.II. Every person in America did everything they could. And maybe this time next year if he is still in, the people will do the same thing when they realize what he is doing.

This shows me when he said he will make America great again, he was talking, him and all the big money people that put him in.

I hope I’m wrong about this, but time will tell.

Helen McCoy, Neoga


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