LETTER: Name calling puts Trump in class by himself

LETTER: Name calling puts Trump in class by himself

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President Donald Trump is thin-skinned, a liar, and rather ignorant. No offense.

He so enjoys tagging others with taunting monikers and attacking the news media -- other than his media mouthpiece, Fox Cable News.

Following are a few examples of monikers the president labels his critics with:

"Crazy Joe" Biden, "Sleepy" Joe (you guessed it, Biden); "Little Michael" Bloomberg; "Low Energy Jeb" Bush; "Little" Bob Corker; "Lyin' Ted Cruz; "High Tax" Andrew Cuomo; "Cheatin'" Obama; "Little" Marco Rubio; ad nauseum!

As the cliché goes, "Turn around is fair play," or something to that effect.

Following are some monikers one might apply to Trump:

"Lyin'" Donald; "Dense" Donald; "Slow to Act" Donald; "Playground Bully" Donald; "Thin Skinned" Donald; "Clueless" Donald; "Locker Room Talk" Donald," etc.

It is interesting that "Ducky" Donald's insults have, up to this point, not been turned against him by those who oppose or criticize him.

I spent 40 years working for this newspaper, and up to this point have not heard former presidents whine like Trump or accuse the media (other than the fawning Fox) of being "fake news."

Washington, Lincoln, FDR, Reagan never stooped to that level. It is also a bit difficult to hear Trump comparing himself to those great presidents.

Harry Reynolds, Mattoon


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