The environment and climate continue to be discussed, especially about the claims of climate change.

Panic stricken voices urge drastic action. They want a "green new deal," based on claims of carbon emissions from smoke stacks, tail pipes, and even animals.

The disruptive effects of "the deal" call for doubt and require that we show care about what we believe to be true cause and effect.

Man's acts upon the environment can truly have consequences, however the scream-it-loud-and-hard obsession over carbon emissions have prevented many to consider other causes of climate change.

During the last century, schemers had plans to change ocean currents and re-route rivers. With cloud seeding, rainfall was controlled.

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As one example, Russia changed river flow to prevent its Arctic Ocean coastline from freezing. Warmer and darker salt water replaced bright and white fresh water ice during fall, winter and spring.

From this we can see consequences. No ice for the polar bear, and the Titanic has no iceberg to sink her.

Will Europe and North America be warmer? Have more rain and snow? Shall we talk about the sun and its cool spells?

Leonidas H. Miller, Mattoon

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