A person trips and breaks their arm so they go to the emergency room. The doctor then proceeds to x-ray the patient's foot, then their knee, then their fingers.

The patient says, “Doctor, I've broken my arm, why aren't you x-raying it?” The doctor replies, “Well, all bones matter.”

While this sounds like a silly story, this is akin to when people think Black Lives Matter shouldn't be an issue because all lives matter.

The point is that our culture values black lives less than white lives. Black people are often pulled over for “driving while black.”

Try to imagine what it would be like to be afraid to drive anywhere because you may be pulled over for a routine traffic violation and end up being killed.

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Try to imagine being fearful of walking down the street and being stopped because you fit the description of being black.

These are fears that black people live with daily. It's not that all lives don't matter, it's that black lives are the ones in danger now (like the broken arm) and our society/culture needs to acknowledge this and make changes.

That is the point of Black Lives Matter. We all need to support BLM.

Ellen Wolcott, Charleston

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