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LETTER: Renewing failed policies not the answer to our problems

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In most places, the middle-class is non-existent. What's worse is the state makes no effort to amend the problem.

Some might even say that the government prefers people to be in one of two categories: The haves and the have-nots.

Say you're a person who is unemployed in Illinois. You get food assistance every month but moreover you have Medicaid. Prescriptions cost hundreds. if not thousands. of dollars and many people are on multiple medications.

You go out to look for a full-time job only to find out that you'll lose all your food assistance and you'll lose your medical assistance. Fair enough, the state calculates your income, but you do some calculations of your own and realize you'll be working to make up the things you lost.

I'm not saying we shouldn't help people but I am saying the government intentionally ignores the problem. Factories didn't become minimum wage jobs all by themselves. A series of poor trade decisions and outsourcing is what sank this economy and caused this problem and all your politicians play you for a fool.

They tell you things like, "raise the taxes on the rich," as if that ever solved the problem. Biden can repeat a bunch of useless Obama phrases all day long but it didn't work 10 years ago and it will not work now...and they know that. It is much easier to control you when you rely on them to eat and for medical assistance.

You can call the notion crazy but I think this past year alone has shown us just how much control they are willing to wield. I suppose the question is: Where does it go from here?

Julian Russell, Mattoon


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