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LETTER: Republicans need to keep President Biden at helm
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LETTER: Republicans need to keep President Biden at helm

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Washington is indeed a different town. Your friend one week may be your enemy the next.

As I see it, the most conservative Republicans are now in bed with the radical Democrats. They both see it as advantageous to get rid of the Joe Biden crime family.

As of this writing, the Supreme Court has thrown out the Trump lawsuit regarding the corrupt election process. For them to intervene would be wading into muddy presidential election is now history, or is it? The senatorial election in Georgia will likely go the way of mail-in ballots.

But, back to President Biden. Biden and his criminal family was protected by the media, Big Tech, and all Democrats. He cannot expect that protection now that he has won the presidency. The far left of the Democrat party will feed the Republicans just enough red meat to allow them to prosecute and end the Biden presidency.

This will result in Kamala Harris gaining the presidency. Having all three seats of government, they will do what the mob had originally planned on. The District of Columbia and Puerto Rico will gain statehood. This will allow the large cities alone to elect presidents, as the electoral college will be eliminated. The green deal will be passed and you will be prosecuted if you fail to give up your guns.

There will be more excessive taxation and regulations. All designed to bankrupt small businesses and make them wards of the state. A perfect communism system of government that will deny you the right to worship God as you wish. As disreputable and crooked as the Biden family is, it would be in the Republican's best interest to keep them in power until 2022.

Jack Pierce, Mattoon


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