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Late night hosts' comedy in the past were not obviously divisive or unreasonably prejudiced and would not exceed the boundaries of civil discourse! Contemporary late night hosts have seemingly wandered from that rectitude. A good example is “The Late Show” host Stephen Colbert's vulgar diatribe against the president earlier this year. In the finale of it he said: “In fact the only thing your mouth is good for is being Valdimir Putin's (expletive) holster.”

No surprise that Colbert received his training from Jon Stewart, past host of the popular “The Today Show” on Comedy Central. The show cleverly poses as guiltless stand-up comedy, political satire and parody yet serves as a political pundit against the president and right-wing politics in general.

Trevor Noah has become the host of “The Daily Show” and Jon Stewart admittedly was his mentor. Noah is reputed to be even more derogatory towards the President of the United States, his collaborators and voters than Stewart. (Google video clips of the show). With his divisiveness this late night host Noah was allowed to perform at the State Farm Center during the recent University of Illinois Homecoming!

As a sign-holding and vocal protester at the event I was appalled. A university official tried to move me to a shadowy area away from the front entrance and summoned the police when I refused. The reactions to my protest were mostly divisive. I was VERY uncomfortable as a Donald Trump voter and Christian attending this event. Ostensibly the concert was a comedy routine, yet much of the show was a mockery of the president, conservative ideology and Donald Trump voters.

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