As I review the assemblage of Democrats at this time, I am reminded of a poem by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow entitled, "The Children's Hour."

The adolescent railings of A.O.C. and O'Rourk being the most prominent. And then, there is old Bernie Sanders on the other end of the socialist horn. A system of government that has been tried and failed from its inception to its demise over hundreds of years. Even among our own original colonies, it failed miserably.

Still, socialism is consistently resurrected and fed to our children and presented as some panacea that will make us all equal...with the notable exception of those who are singing it's praises, of course. Certainly, they will fare well, while the vast majority of us will lose our freedoms and be consigned to a dismal life of poverty, which goes hand in hand with those living under any dictatorship. I cite Russia, Cuba, China and Venezuela as examples.

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What is being taught in our schools is a mish-mash of Marxism and a profound hatred for our way of life, including our religion, our patriotism, and our racism, while excluding our more glorious history. What is not being taught, is the price we pay as a civilization when we evolve from Socialism in to Communism, when millions of our people will be slaughtered on the altar of Communist dictators, as has happened in Russia, China, etc.

The 2020 election will determine who we actually are. Stupid atheistic fools or competent individuals who highly value their freedom and their God.

Jack Pierce, Mattoon

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