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LETTER: Thank you President Trump for exposing evil within Washington
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LETTER: Thank you President Trump for exposing evil within Washington

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I think one of President Trump’s greatest accomplishments, and there are many, is allowing us to see the horrendous corruption which is in our Congress, in our FBI, in our Department of Justice and CIA.

It has been brought to light, that Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff, Nadler, Swalwell and others in the House and Senate are dishonest and vicious. It appears that they have been either paid off or compromised in some way. Many have stakes in Chinese Communism and are bent on protecting their interests.

These Democrats and Rinos have set out to destroy their president and ruin the lives of loyal people surrounding him.

Important and powerful people who carry Marxist ideology have permeated our courts, our House and our Senate. They have destroyed the confidence that the people should have in their representatives. The Silicon Valley, social media, mainstream media and pharma have all been used as weapons against the American way of life. They have assaulted our Constitution and violated our laws and our freedoms. They have rigged and defrauded our elections and then denied any remedy under the law.

All those responsible for the demise and destruction of America should be ferreted out and imprisoned. They are traitors, tyrannical and treasonous.

Now it is up to Our Heavenly Father and us to identify these evil doers, and see that our republic is restored. Pray, like you have never prayed before.

Thank you, Donald J Trump. We were so blind until you became our president. We never could have imagined the real depth of the swamp. The swamp is part of global Marxist communism. The bad actors have revealed themselves, reared their ugly heads and it is devastating.

Ann Benson, Charleston


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