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Given that there is a civil war going on in America between the political left and the political right, as well as the “war on Islamic extremists,” what became of the traditional American values that were once proudly and boldly deployed against the Soviet Union during the Cold War? There was during that time a consensus of values between Democrats and Republicans, liberals and conservatives. But in the wake of the Soviet Union’s break-up, so-called “liberals” have gone on the offensive in their promotion of radical social reforms against anything that the Right would preserve by demonstrating against traditional American values as not just old-fashioned but absolutely contrary to modern democratic principles.

When the right stages peaceful counter-demonstrations, the left does what it does when it encounters anyone with whom it disagrees. Demonstrators are shouted down, their speech is called “hate speech,” and those with a different point of view are called racist, sexist, homophobic, and intolerant. When the left is shown no signs of intimidation, it backs up its rhetoric by resorting to violence. The media then spins its reporting as “Violence erupted on both sides.” How are those on the right supposed to react? “I’m sorry I offended you. Please don’t hurt me.”

We cannot advance against the new global threat posed by Islamic extremists or a nuclear Iran and North Korea while one side in the culture war engages in hysterical hyperbolic and fake-news propaganda strategy against the other. Both sides must engage in civil debate, open dialogue, and good-faith negotiations to prevent what, from 1945 to 1989, the United States fought back against: a Marxist global government.

There’s no sign that our enemies are going away any time soon since they seem not to have been overly impressed with Barack Obama’s appeasement-style diplomacy. So instead of apologizing and capitulating, perhaps we should dust off America’s Cold War values as the corrective not only to our own social and political dysfunction but also to the dysfunction of North Korea’s communist and Syria’s and Iran’s Islamic dictatorships, all of which breed fear and hatred, fuel civil unrest, and drive refugees from their native land, culture, and language, a perfect storm for advancing the Left’s globalist agenda.

Steve Carpenter, Lerna

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