Richmond Avenue and 19th Street. Very busy every time I go into town.

Seems like a good idea would be to put new traffic lights up in every direction that would include arrows for the turn lanes. Many times, only one auto can get through before the light changes to red. Then you have two or three cars that have been sitting there that go through a red.

East Route 16 from Swords Drive on needs to legally change the speed limit to 55 mph. Anyone that drives this on a regular basis knows that the people riding your bumper, passing you like you are sitting still or passing you by with a not-so-friendly gesture have no idea what that black and white sign means that says Speed Limit 45 mph.

No, I am not Gomer on the "Andy Griffith Show" doing my "Citizens Arrest," but it has been this way for years. I also realize that on down past the Lerna Road, where it is 55 mph, you see the same people going faster, riding your bumper and all of the other fun things they do, but something has got to change.

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Will the person driving fast and reckless get pulled over? No, it will be me for trying to get out of the way.

I am still seeing people driving with a cell phone up to their ear on every road. How many accidents must there be for you to realize how dangerous it is?

Oh. The left lane is a passing lane for those that have forgotten!

Sheila Littleton, Mattoon

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