I am certain that Ms. Cortez, the Socialist representative from New York received an education while watching the State of the Union message by President Trump. Born in 1980 and all but 29 years of age, the Normandy invasion in 1944, and the rescue of all Europe, the Korean War, must have seemed ancient history to her. I hope that she at least knew who George Washington and Abraham Lincoln were. But...given the history lessons being taught by teachers in today's liberal schools, it is entirely possible that she actually did not know these important highlights of American history.

Nevertheless, her ignorance of the history of Socialism of the years, and the apparent endorsement of that ideology by some younger members of the Democratic party, is dangerous, to say the least. Capitalism has been the engine that drove this nation to be the strongest, most productive, and freest country in the world. So don't mess with success. Don't drive us into the arms of Venezuelan socialism.

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Jack Pierce, Mattoon

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