So I've been hearing much uproar about how President Donald Trump tweets. People are beginning to wonder why he tweets words like "covfefe" in the middle of the night.

What people don't understand is that Trump is a mathematical genius and master chess player. When you see words like "covfefe" you have to know how to plow through gematric calculations.

Trump understands that the news is fake. I'm not talking about your local news or this newspaper. I'm talking about the world news and, most importantly, the Associated Press. They deliver fake news to the entire country and people like you eat it up all day long while the president is laughing at you.

What he is doing is getting his message out because the media will not. So, "covfefe," what does it mean? Well it translates to "Blake." Beyond that it gets beyond my realm of mathematical abilities, but if you know where to look you can easily find out what he is telling you.

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In this case, what he is trying to tell you is the days of fake news are coming to an end. He is waging war against the Associated Press. I understand how people find that hard to believe, but do you think when you read the newspaper and a story about China that someone from Charleston flew to China for the story? No! The story gets handed to them from the Associated Press. Your nightly news, same thing. All those little stories people sit and watch all day long on cable are handed down.

George Bush, when he was in office, had the news written himself. Then it gets handed down. If you want to keep up with Trump or know what's going on you will not find it on television or on the news. Trump is speaking in code; and why you might ask? So the media doesn't take his stories and twist them around.

For the most part, they don't report on anything happening with him because he has called them out as fake. If anyone out there is a math genius, look into it and learn how to break the code. If you can't break it yourself, research what the message behind the message is. Our president is not able to talk in literal terms. I can guarantee you this much though, he is always ten steps ahead of you, me, and the evil taking over this world.

Julian Russell, Charleston

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