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What have we got? The biggest bully of all time. If someone goes against what the President wants, he goes after them by name calling or telling them they won't have their job next term. Is he the person you want your children to grow up to be?

He is never wrong. President Trump blames everyone else for his mistakes -- Hillary, Obama, or Dems.

He grew up learning how to cheat our government on taxes and money and is still doing it. The income taxes would tell us that if they were released. That is why they are not released. The tax cuts he pushed through last December were for the top income people to make more money. They are the ones who see he has a lot of money to use for another term. So they can make more. We are going farther and farther in debt every day because he doesn't know how to handle it. The tax cut really helped just us there.

Have you thought about all his lies and how it looks to our allies? Can you trust someone who lies all the time?

Have you noticed how he backs people who have been said to sexually assault people? Wonder why? Could it be he will sooner or later deal with lawsuits from 13 women and two affairs when his wife had just had their son? But this is nothing new for him; he cheated on the other two wives. But they are the people he wants to help run our country -- judges, senators, and Congress. We can do better. So we all need to vote.

This man is for himself, ego wise, money wise, and has to have people praise him all the time. He is supposed to be our leader so he should put our country and people first.

He has put our media and journalists at risk because he doesn't want the truth to come out. This is what mob leaders do.

Isn't it odd that if things happen like Saudis (accused of killing journalist Jamal Khashoggi) and that when it first happens they didn't come forward with the truth? How many times have they changed their story? The true story would make it hard for our country not to do something but then President Trump might not get the millions from them he gets personally now.

Now since the early vote, many of these are getting rejection in Georgia that African-Americans have voted. But we have an African-American running for governor. So wonder why they got rejected? Since that news I've seen where seniors were turned back so they didn't vote. What's next?

Thanks Dr. Ford for what you taught us. We need to always have a camera notebook to clock time, place and person. If possible have someone listen to you. Think about the girls in your family. I hope the investigation goes better for the murdered journalist than it did for Dr. Ford. How much money is spent on the president flying to golf courses and all the rallies? Millions?

Helen McCoy, Neoga

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