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The President has had to clean up the mess that Obama left. As to the call to La David’s widow, the President did not disrespect her, she admitted to that before Frederica Wilson got ahold of her and then she changed her story, because she was paid off “to lie”. It doesn’t take Rocket Science to see that, people claim that Trump was on a speaker phone, the President (whoever it may be) does not talk in these situations on an speaker phone in the Oval Office. That is just common sense.

As far as what President Trump has done for our country? Have you noticed lately how the stock market has done? (the one that Mark Cuban said was going to crash!) There are more jobs now than in past 8 years, The illegal immigrants are down, drug running is down. Trump is trying to work with Congress to get the Insurance Companies back to the states, where they belong, instead government controlled.

President Trump is NOT going to sell out America like Obama sending pallets of cash to Iran “as hostage release”, and Hillary sold out 20% of our uranium to Russia, and the liberals and DNC want to impeach President Trump!?

He has put a stop to DACA, and has aligned America with Israel and China. He has brought forth the terrible way our Veterans were being treated, and the corruption the VA administration was in.

China’s President Jinging Xi has joined President Trump in signing deals worth up to US $280 Billion.

How are these lies? NOT and how do you Know what he believes? No one knows what another thinks or believes.

I have no need to contact ABC,NBC, OR CNN because they are not reporting the truth. This is my opinion and you have yours.

Mary E. Abbott, Sullivan

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