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I have a few words for this newspaper who closely follows the path of the Communist left: In regards to the passage of this massive tax cut and reform, I suggest that you take to heart the words of Chrysler’s Lee Iaacoca….. Lead… Follow… or get the #*+^ out of the way. After eight years of Obama’s lethargic economy, we are prepared to rise to new and robust economic heights, with jobs, jobs, jobs.

No more Obama lies upon lies, but a new awakening has arisen in America that we can become once more the great nation that we once were. All those Republicans who sought the nomination over a year ago, could not have held up to the storm of criticism that has been foisted on President Trump. None would have survived the onslaught of those vile remarks and attacks by the atheistic Communist left.

Criticize this President all you want, but he keeps his word and aggressively wades into any problem, foreign or domestic, with an absolute well thought out solution. He doesn’t mince words.

Jack Pierce, Mattoon


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