LETTER: Trump's draft-dodging an issue for veteran

LETTER: Trump's draft-dodging an issue for veteran

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I began my second year of college in the fall of 1968.The summer that year was filled with unrest and violence leading up to the ’68 presidential election.

America was at war in Viet Nam and at home. I withdrew from school at the end of the semester knowing I would surrender the military service deferment granted to me and so many other healthy young males.

My father served with the U.S. Navy Atlantic fleet during WWII and my oldest brother served in the Air Force just prior to onset of the Viet Nam conflict. My other older brother was serving in the Navy aboard an aircraft carrier serving off the coast of Viet Nam. I soon received my Selective Service notice to present myself for examination followed by a Greetings letter from the President advising I was fit for service to my country.

With the blessing of my father, a modest god-fearing oilfield laborer, I chose to enlist in the Navy and began what would become eight years of service.

What is my point, you may ask? This is the backdrop from which I view the current leadership of the nation my father, my brothers and I served with honor.

Around the same time I was called to serve my country, another young man from a more affluent background was facing a call to military service. I will not recount the well-known details of his plight to avoid military service. He went on to make quite a name for himself and would attain the title of President of the United States, a job he can perform despite having bone spurs in his heels.

He managed to mock his way through a primary election, belittling and badgering his primary opponents who were as unsuitable as he was for the highest national office. He continued in this manner through a national campaign process in which both major parties offered badly flawed candidates and the one receiving fewer votes took the oath of office.

He continues in this manner that seems to appeal to those who no longer care that his behavior is unbefitting of our President. He promotes the “dumbing down” of America. And now he has become the darling of evangelical Christians.

How, in God’s name, is that possible? While Christian leaders lay hands on him, he makes his best effort to show a face of humility and reverence. A life of immorality can be forgiven of one who shows some repentance. This man bows down to no God. I’m guessing any nightly Bible study would interfere with this “tweeting’ time when he openly displays the dark nature of his soul. He wears no sheep’s clothing. He is a self-aggrandizing wolf.

I once served with honor at the Pleasure of the Commander-in-Chief. There is no apparent honor or dignity in that position now.

Stan Slater, Mattoon


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