The president has a motto to the public and the Dems: You can't do what I do, only what I say. Well, I believe his mouth and actions will do him in.

When someone like him, who has never served in our military like our veterans, takes down one of our most respected ones, John McCain, it takes our president down to a new low level.

John and his father and grandfather served all their lives for this country. To say John was no hero doesn't speak highly of the president.

John suffered more than most of us could stand. Yet, when he was offered to leave early because of his background, he didn't because his cellmates weren't leaving.

What was our now-president doing during the war? Oh! I forgot he had bone spurs. I guess he couldn't do office work or something. As smart as he says he is, he probably could have advised our generals how to win the war. I guess he doesn't have bone spurs any more or he couldn't play all the golf or rallies.

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John always admitted he didn't make good grades in school because he liked to party. If our President is as smart as he says he is, I think he would be proud to show his grades.

John spent his whole life to make our country and the world a better place. To attack John when he was dying was terrible. But to do it months after his death is the lowest thing I can think of.

Our veterans can't have much respect for the president when he stayed home to fatten his bank account.

I hope they show it at our next election.

Helen McCoy, Neoga

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