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LETTER: Trump's inaction manipulates system

LETTER: Trump's inaction manipulates system

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It's no surprise that Trump wants to be a dictator. He admires other dictators in the world and “jokes” that he wishes he could be one.

Many say his incompetence in responding slowly to the pandemic is going to cost a lot of lives. Trump doesn't care if Americans die. He's not incompetent. He has his own game plan.

His administration cut money to the CDC and got rid of the pandemic response team. Warnings about COVID-19 were in the president's daily intelligence brief in early January. The limited testing we're doing keeps us in the dark about how bad it is and delayed the social distancing strategy.

The delayed response of the Defense Production Act for more medical equipment will lead to more deaths as hospitals scramble to get supplies. Kushner says the federal supplies of medical equipment are not for the states. Who who are they for? No national testing plan, no national stay-at-home order, no overall Defense Production Plan.

Trump's Supreme Court ruled that Wisconsin couldn't vote by mail for their primary, so voters either had to risk their lives to vote or have their votes suppressed.

This lack of concern for Americans points to Trump's true intentions. With our slow response to the pandemic, it's going to take months before the risk is mitigated.

It's not unreasonable to conclude that this has been Trump's plan all along, creating a good reason to cancel the election or suppress enough votes to make him dictator for life.

Ellen Wolcott, Charleston


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