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LETTER: U.S. Rep. Mary Miller did nothing wrong referencing Hitler
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LETTER: U.S. Rep. Mary Miller did nothing wrong referencing Hitler

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Representative Mary Miller recently received inflammatory attacks like “Mary Miller Praises Hitler” found in a Chicago Sun-Times article, among swathes of condemnations. There is no evidence that Miller praises or even tolerates Hitler. Quoting a person does not equal praise of that person.

When Miller claimed “Hitler was right about one thing,” she was not implying correctness of any other statements or actions he made or advocating for any of his positions, views, or actions. Even the vilest and most reprehensible of individuals speak truth at some points, and to believe otherwise is naïve and clouded in zealotry.

Are children the future? Whitney Houston seemed to think so; truthfully, “Children are the future” is a very trite expression. If the statement is at all true, then Hitler must have been correct about that one item, and to deny that fact is to deny the process of logic itself.

Why quote such a universally condemned person as Hitler? When your enemy tells the truth, you should listen carefully and act such that you avoid following their steps. Children do determine the future; if someone as evil and reprehensible as Hitler knew this and abused this, then we must take note. Many conflicting voices fight for the hearts and minds of children, so we, who consider ourselves good, must nurture children and instill values in them with the greatest of care.

As a Mattoon native and EIU alum, I have been disappointed to see institutions like EIU condemn her statement by extrapolating it disingenuously. Similarly, news sources which mischaracterized her statement as “praise” should recall it is not their job to interpret information for the public; rather, they should present information as it is so readers can decide what they think for themselves, and this reader believes Miller didn’t do anything wrong.

Rex Colgrove, Cerro Gordo


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