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All of a sudden, the construction of President Donald Trump’s 700-900-mile, $5.7-billion wall on the U.S, Mexican border is no longer an “emergency.” Why did Trump, metaphorically speaking, send it on a three-week vacation?

Emergencies must be dealt with swiftly.

According to the Merriam-Webster, an emergency is “An unforeseen combination of circumstances, or the resulting state that calls for immediate action.”

It begs the question, “Why, did not the president go ahead and declare it an emergency immediately after U.S House speaker Nancy Pelosi said “No!”

The answer, folks: It is not an emergency, only a threat by a president who exhibits the behavior of a petulant child denied what he must have. He is rather a bully.

But, rest assured that if the Trump is again much denied by Pelosi, he will be crying Wolf again; but will anybody be listening?

Harry Reynolds, Mattoon

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