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For Cumberland's Claire Guyon, the choice didn't necessarily come down to which school she wanted to play, but what sport she wanted to play. Guyon could either play volleyball at Lake Land College or she could play softball at Lincoln Trail College.

Guyon's choice kept her closer to home as she enjoys playing volleyball more than softball. So on Wednesday, Guyon signed her National Letter of Intent to play volleyball for Lake Land.

"I think it's a better fit for me," Guyon said. "I think volleyball is more fun and it brings my competitive side out way more."

Plus Guyon gets to stay closer to home at Lake Land, which also has the major she wants to get into.

"It's local and it's really close to home," Guyon said. "It has a good nursing program and that's what I am going into. I have always though about going to Lake Land. I was pretty excited to keep playing volleyball."

Lake Land coach Ashli Wicker is just as excited to have the Cumberland defensive specialist join Lake Land this fall.

"Claire's energy on the court has stood out to me since her junior year," Wicker said. "I've been watching her since last year and you would never know it because she is quiet off the court, but when she gets on the court, she comes alive and we are super excited to have her."

Guyon feels she can have a good impact on the Lake Land roster, which needed some depth in the back row.

"I think I can bring an impact with my energy and drive and my competitiveness," Guyon said. "I do think that if there's one girl that is very competitive, it motivates everyone else to be competitive."

Guyon also brings good communication to the back row.

"I am talking all of the time when I am on the court, just yelling everyone out," Guyon said., "It helps everyone. It makes the plays go a lot smoother. It's basically directing the traffic."

That kind of communication in the back row was missing at times last season, so Wicker is happy to add someone who is constantly talking in the back row.

"That's just volleyball across the board. You need that person or a couple of people that will bring that to your team," Wicker said. "She has the chance to step in and have an immediate impact. My sophomores will have some competition because I have some defensive specialists coming. It will be interesting to see who can pull that (libero) jersey."


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