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JG-TC area baseball/softball leaders: May 11

JG-TC area baseball/softball leaders: May 11



Through Thursday


Player, Team;ab;h;avg.

Irie Dulin, Sullivan;60;35;.583

Ava Stephens, Charleston;48;26;.542

Macey McElravy, Charleston;86;46;.535

Madison Vogel, Okaw Valley;55;29;.527

Reagan Miller, A-L-A-H;78;41;.526

Mackenzi Tabbert, WSS;88;46;.523

Reagan McGahey, Charleston;79;41;.519

KayLee Hohlbauch, Arcola; 61;31;.508

Carson Cole, WSS;85;43;.506

Ramsey Armstrong, Charleston;76;38;.500

Emma Mason, C-W;79;39;. 494

Jordan Sapp, Mattoon;67;33;.493

Grace McDowell, Mattoon;57;28;.491

Taylor Spelman, Arcola;58;28;.483

Hannah Harpster, Chareston;65;30;.462

Makenzie Brown, A-L-A-H; 85;39;.459

Emily Price, Charleston;47;21;.447

Calla Roney, WSS;50;22;.440

Addison Darush, Sullivan;48;21;.438

Elizabeth Titus, Neoga;62;27;.435

Megan Schlecthe, WSS;81;35;.432

Mackenzie Saunders, Neoga;65;28;.431

Allyson Maynard, Cumberland;64;27;.422

Grace Bunfill, Okaw Valley;50;21;.420

Claire Maulding, C-W;67;28;.418

Ava Bennett, WSS;82;34;.415

Molly Sheehan, Neoga;72;29;.403

Addi Tinkle, A-L-A-H;72;29;.403

Shelby Frederick, A-L-A-H;82;33;.402

Madison Hendrix, Cumberland;66;27;.409

Sadie Oakley, Cumberland;58;23;.397

Karlie Bean, WSS;86;34;.395

Delainey Bryant, Mattoon;66;26;.394

Dee Campbell, Charleston;66;26;.394

Marissa Herschberger, A-L-A-H;81;31;.383

Katie Honchell, Sullivan;34;13;.382

Maddy Pfeiffer, WSS;34;13;.382

Hannah Hayes, WSS;84;32;.381

McKenzee Davee, Mattoon;53;20;.377

Jazzmine Oakley, Cumberland;48;18;.375

Laney Gowin, C-W;67;25;.373

Mackinzee Reynolds, WSS;75;28;.373

Joselyn Lewis, Shelbyville;57;21;.368

Kelsey Partlow, Neoga;68;25;.368

Eva Richardson, C-W;76;28;.368

Ariana Warren, Arcola;68;25;.368

Morgan Wallace, Sullivan;49;18;.367

Kennedy Fellers, Charleston;78;28;.359

Kennedy Repp, C-W;64;23;.359

Morgan Moll, Sullivan;48;17;.354

Brooklyn Edwards, Mattoon;68;24;.353

Lindsey Helmuth, Arcola;63;22;.349

Liberty Dunaway, Cumberland;61;21;.344

Paige Coleman, Okaw Valley;66;22;.333

Ryli Kauffman, A-L-A-H;66;22;.333

Allison Schurricht, Shelbyville;63;21;.333

Delaney Melton, Arcola;62;20;.323

Alexis Britton, Sullivan;53;17;.321

Haleigh Misner, Charleston;47;15;.319

Zoe Mitchell, Cumberland;47;15;.319

Harley Mason, C-W;66;21;.318

Trista Moore, Neoga;55;17;.309

Kirsten Corum, A-L-A-H;65;20;.308

Kate Jeffers, Okaw Valley;46;14;.304

Danae Sowers, Cumberland;46;14;.304

Emily Parcel, Martinsville;43;13;.302

Home runs: Mackenzi Tabbert, WSS 8. Ramsey Armstrong, Charleston 7. KayLee Hohlbauch, Arcola 6. Macey McEravy, Charleston 6. Reagan McGahey, Charleston 6. Harley Mason, C-W 5. Claire Maulding, C-W 5.Emily Price, Charleston 5. MacKenzie Saunders, Neoga 5. Emma Mason, C-W 4. Calla Roney, WSS 4. Jordan Sapp, Mattoon 4. Makenzie Brown, A-L-A-H 3. Dee Campbell, Charleston 3. Carson Cole, WSS 3. Hannah Hayes, WSS 3. Madison Hendrix, Cumberland 3. Allyson Maynard, Cumberland 3. Grace McDowell, Mattoon 3. 


Player, Team;W-L

Megan Schlechte, WSS;16-0

Emily Price, Charleston; 14-1

Liberty Dunaway, Cumberland;10-2

Shelby Frederick, A-L-A-H;10-2

Claire Maulding, C-W;10-5

KayLee Hohlbauch, Arcola;9-8

Dee Campbell, Charleston;8-0

Calla Roney, WSS;7-0

Makenzie Brown, A-L-A-H;7-4

Addie Brasier, C-W;4-1

Karlie Bean, WSS;3-0


Player, Team;ab;h;avg.

Michael Miller, Arthur Okaw Christian;59;32;.542

Lucas Otto, A-L-A-H; 57;27;.474

Brennyn Cutts, Cumberland;60;27;.450

Bryson Shew, Cumberland;57;25;.439

Justin Brown, Cumberland;58;25;.431

Ryan Seymour, Martinsville;33;14;.424

Ashton Rodgers, C-W;51;21;.412

Brock Smith, Mattoon;72;29;.403

Gabe Tiarkis, Arthur Okaw Christian;35;14;.400

Kanin Elder, Sullivan;28;11;.393

Logan Greuel, WSS;36;.14;.389

Gavin Wernsing, WSS;36;14;.389

Beau Bennett, WSS;34;13;.382

Jack Mudd, Arthur Okaw Christian;56;21;.375

Zach Hill, Charleston;57;21;.368

Gunner Laughhunn,Mattoon;69;25;.362

Wyatt Schlabach, A-L-A-H;47;17;.362

Logan Brough, A-L-A-H;61;22;.361

Hayden Birdsong, Mattoon;53;19;.358

Nik Miller, A-L-A-H;56;20;.357

Trevor Smyser, Mattoon;62;22;.355

Peyton Trier, Arthur Okaw Christian;62;22;.355

Michael Flier, Cumberland;55;19;.345

Sam Hagerman, Okaw Valley;44;15;.341

Bradyn Doyle, Charleston;60;20;.333

Cam Knierim, Mattoon;54;18;.333

Jacob Spitz, Mattoon;63;21;.333

Dario Ayia, A-L-A-H; 52;17;.327

Derek Owens, Mattoon;43;14;.326

Grant Haenig, Martinsville;31;10;.323

Jake Wilson, Charleston;62;20;.323

Alex Rodriguez, C-W;44;14;.318

Jackson Nichols, Mattoon;60;19;.317

Kenzal Lloyd, Tri-County;38;12;.316

Jacob Knofsky, Tri-County;32;10;.313

Brady Borntreger, A-L-A-H;58;18;.310

Thor Stepina, C-W;46;14;.304

Brayden Fay, A-L-A-H;50;15;.300

Home runs: Brennyn Cutts, Cumberland 5 Lane Harrell, Charleston 3. Michael Miller, Arthur Okaw Christian 3.  Rece Overbeck, C-W 3. Lucas Otto, A-L-A-H 3. Keagan Brady, Charleston 2. Justin Brown, Cumberland 2. Braydon Doyle, Charleston 2. Zach Hill, Charleston 2. Dayton Mitchell, Cumberland 2. Gabe Tirakis, Arthur Okaw Christian 2.


Player, Team;W-L

Brayon Shaw, Cumberland;4-0

Justin Brown, Cumberland;4-1

Brennyn Cutts, Cumberland;4-1

Caleb Hurst, Charleston;4-1

Lane Harrell, Charleton;4-2

Ben Hess, Charleston;4-2

Memphis Waggoner, Cumberland;3-0

Camden Coleman, Okaw Valley;3-1

Logan Greuel, WSS;3-1

Spencer Johnson, Sullivan;3-1

Dalton McGill, Okaw Valley;3-1

Reid Mathenia, Cumberland;2-0

Austin Scott, Sullivan;2-0

Cory Spour, Charleston;2-0

Eli Hagerman, Okaw Valley;2-2

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