Well, Jack, GM is trying their best to simplify the car identification game. No more Impala, LaCrosse, Cady XTS and CT6, Volt, Cruze. Rumor has it that Mary Barra is planning to bring Yugo back into play over in Russia.

Come on, box ... relax a little. I thought the young man penned a pretty good letter. If all our young people were as conciliatory, the black and white divided world you inspire could seek some positive solutions.

My only suggestion for the letter writer would be to submit his letter …

No one is trying to "change the Constitution". The 14th stands as written. No need to repeal it and no need to rewrite it. It says what it says. You can try all the wordsmithing you want, but Americans know what the 14th A says.

Apparently, there are many things of which the letter writer is unaware; for some of them, there is no excuse. Every educated American voter knows how presidents/vice presidents are elected. For good reason, we use the Electoral College, not a popular vote total.

Trump received 304 el…

It's a little odd that the "bossman" would have the total support of the people who would be working under him. Kinda makes me wonder if the union controls the Sheriff's office.

Mary, "Stepford Wives" has to be one of the dullest movies ever made. What's most amazing about it though is the liberal actresses who starred in it. Anything for a buck, huh?

Well, you could always put in a sell order.

btw, there are a few n words with negative connotation, but Nationalist doesn't happen to be one of them.

Thanks for inviting me into the discussion, har.

Here's the tip-off for how biased this letter writer is: " ... Candidate Forum hosted by the Coles County Retired Teachers Association... ". Everyone who's paying attention to this race knows that Bell is a SINGLE ISSUE cand…

BLM has absolutely nothing to do with diversity! It has everything to do with division!

If you want to make diversity real, try flying an All Lives Matter flag.

Just wondering if the drop in licensed foster care is due to the State of Illinois not paying the licensees in a timely manner?