One question for you, Helen. Have you ever served in the U.S. military?

LOL, you may be a (self-described) trained historian, but you are obviously dim-witted when it comes to GAAP and the U.S. Tax Code. Put on your IRS hat and tell all of us about non-cash expenses and statements of Cash Flow, and then tell us why the IRS has never charged our president with ta…

Could it be that the libs on this page are still angry over HRC's big time loss? Will they ever not be mad? LOL This 2020 thing is going to be fun to watch.

Ha, what? No mayor Pete?

You may have missed the whole point that Dr. Rosenholtz was making. And, by the way, do you have any empirical evidence supporting your claim of women's superiorities or, as usual, are you just trying to stir ... ?

It's interesting that scientists are "brainstorming" to discover time of death, but they're not exactly scrambling to determine exactly when life begins. Jus sayin

Huh? I looked on the print E edition. A6 has no story like that. I'm assuming you removed it? LOL

Yes, har, I know I'm not allowed to comment on things-Mattoon since I don't live there, but here goes. LOL.

Has anyone done a cost comparison between the MFD and the Lincoln Fire Protection District?

As with all government-controlled socialist programs, after prices rise, the increased minimum wage will be paid by the end-consumer. Of course, the state will benefit by collecting income taxes on all those extra dollars in the paychecks of minimum wage earners.

Perhaps the reason Col…

OK, I'll pose the question once again. Our state is near bankruptcy! Why spend the extra money to host a Secretary of State site on EIU's campus? The SOS office just north of LIncoln Avenue in Charleston is within walking distance of the campus.

Jesse is a Democrat. I suspect the reas…

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