"Are you one of them 1%ers?

Not hardly. I've been wondering what you thought of all the scandals surrounding the NRA. Care to share your feelings about how they're spending your dues? If you ignore this question it's understandable.

Why not judge him, you judge everyone else?

I probably made more money on those two cars than you'll make in 2 years giving those little old ladies permanents and dye jobs.

While you were serving in the jungles Of Viet Nam, trump was cavorting with hookers at Studio 54 in Manhatten. He even bragged that not getting an STD during that time period was his 'Viet Nam'. Her rebuke of trump was mild when you consider that she could have mentioned him mocking a disabl…

That would make a nice addition to your vast Limbaugh coffee mug collection set and red hat collection. BTW, did you see where trump is getting his election banners and flags made in China? I'm guessing that he will get all of his campaign materials made in the same place he gets his persona…

Translation: I can't because I made it up. Every time you tell that lie, I will be sure to call you out for it.

Is there anything Trump could do that would cause you to criticize him? BTW, I'm still waiting for that list of lies I tol.d on here.

Butterball is a one trick pony.

Who are those people calling for,open borders and all that free stuff?

I'm still waiting for an update on all those lies you claimed you caught me in.

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