Josh 7 why in the world can't people see what is right in front of them! The money is not there. When ONE fireman makes $152,000 a year for this job not to count his other business. Really ? Million Dollars in OVERTIME. Wow I wonder why the city is going down the drain.

All I can't think of is unsuspecting travelers stopping here. Oh my goodness can you imagine what they think of our city? Rita just needs to call it a day and just deal with the other one down south.

Actually they ARE flocking to our city from all corners! Have you seen the list of places these people are from? Probably not! Have you seen the amount of people that are local (Coles county)? Probably or obviously not. You keep standing on your high "moral" high ground without …

Perfectly stated gringa! Thank you!

Oh reality101 I believe you need a reality check yourself. The "residents" are the homeless that use the PADS shelter as the mailing address! Oh you didn't know that did you. Why because you wont take the time to actually check it out. I guess that makes me pretty pitiful beca…

Reality101 did you even read the article of which my "Rant" was about?? Compassion? I have lots for people who truly need help, not the ones who get a train ticket to Mattoon just so other cities don't have to deal with them. You need to think with your head and see what is trul…

Pinpoint the problem? Seriously? Go talk to the police dept that protects this town from the "residents" of this so called shelter! That is ALL anyone needs to do, what would the Police Dept have to gain from misrepresenting the information? That I would say as a citizen of Mat…

please commented on B.K. Smith

I'm so very sorry and sad to see the passing of Mr. Smith. He was a very kind and sweet man. The world lost a true gentleman and Heaven gained an Angel!

please commented on Clarification

Okay so that makes it better? He has the PADS shelter as his home address. I certainly believe that speaks volumes! The Mattoon Police Dept DID NOT give this thug a DL. So what is the point of this piece?

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